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World Vision Global 6K for Water

Location: Miami Vineyard Community Church
7:00 AM

Whether you join from the treadmill or your favorite trail, your church or your local school track…when you and thousands of others around the world walk, jog, or stroller-run your way to 6K on May 20, 2023, you’ll empower children in need with lasting clean water. Now more than ever, clean water is essential to protect vulnerable children and families. Will you join us?

Why water? Clean water has never been more critical Globally, 771 million people lack access to clean drinking water. In the developing world, people walk an average of 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) each day to find water that’s often dirty and makes them sick. It’s mostly women and girls who make this dangerous and time-consuming journey. That means girls miss school to get water for their families, which holds them back from reaching their full potential.