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Co-ed Group – Legacy Leadership

The Biblical Model for Christian Leaders:

Legacy Leadership is a practical system that really works with people. It defines the dynamics of human relationships, and collects them into a memorable, flexible platform for successful leadership. These human dynamics, what works in relationship and interaction, are successful BECAUSE they are God’s dynamics. It is how He designed us to work together, and the principles of His will and system for human relationships have been available to us since Moses first penned the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible. Legacy Leadership embodies God’s will and ways for us as we lead and interact with others. Legacy Leadership® has been written into faith-based concepts, using scriptural references and faith language, for practical application by Christian leaders. Most of the original 50 critical success skills translate directly across with little need for change, but there is one major difference between the secular leader and the Christian leader: God is boss. It is all about Him, not about you or me.