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Moving from them to us.

We Are Better Together

At Miami Vineyard, we believe that God loves and values all people. We need each other to become everything that God created us to be. So we celebrate and embrace our diversity, believing that when we begin to see those with differing backgrounds as “us” and not “them,” we will be able to extend compassion and mercy in the way that Jesus modeled for us.  As a church, we’re committed to growing together in diversity and inclusion. Would you join us on our journey?

Check out the list of online resources, suggestions, and activities that we’ve curated for you.


Continuing the Conversation

The Dot: “Moving from Them to Us” | A conversation on racism, diversity, and inclusion.

Tuesday, May 11th @ 7 p.m. at Miami Vineyard

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Get Involved

Many people ask, “What can I do?” As a church, we want to invite you to get involved personally in your neighborhood or the community by supporting local or global organizations either by volunteering your time and talent or supporting through your resources financially.

Suggested Activities (Individual or Family):

  • Purposefully during each month select a restaurant or food choice from another culture.
  • Venture to sign up for a class to learn another language: www.openculture.com
  • Meet a new family in your neighborhood that is culturally different.
  • Pray for unification in our cities, states, countries, and world.
  • Activate your RightNow Media account and explore topics on Inclusion, Racism, Marginalization, etc.


Urban League of Greater Miami Inc.
Civil rights, social action, advocacy, and neighborhood development.

Urban League of Broward County
More info
Assist African Americans and other under-resourced groups in the achievement of social and economic equality.

Volunteer with Americans for Immigrant Justice
More info

Meals on Wheels
Serving our senior community.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Books focused on racism, diversity, and inclusion

Gracism: The Art of Inclusion
By David A. Anderson

Same, Same but Different  (ages 4-7)
By Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

How to Teach Kids about Racism:  A Guide on How to Educate Your Child about Diversity…
By Rebecca J. Jackson

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think, and Do
By Jennifer L. Eberhardt, PHD

Last Stop on Market Street (ages 3-5)
By Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Christian Robinson

Praying God’s Word of Protection Against Racism & Injustice
By Iwalola Ademodi Oshinowo

The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation
By Miles McPherson