About us

For over 30 years, Miami Vineyard has been a place where everyone is welcome, God shows up, and lives are changed. 

We are a part of Vineyard USA, an association of 500+ Vineyard churches in the United States and 2,500+ churches world-wide.

We stand firmly in the center of orthodox Christian teaching and practice, drawing from the rich traditions of the Church throughout history but in a package and style that makes sense in present-day Miami. 

We value care for our community and making space for people far from God. 

Our values

Better together

We need each other to become everything that God created us to be.  So we celebrate and embrace our diversity, believing that all of us – men and women, young and old, all races and cultures – become stronger as we come together.

Always growing

God accepts us just as we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way.  So, as we trust Him with our future, He transforms us, day-by-day, from people focused on what we want to people focused on what He wants.    

The church of the second chance

God’s love is for everyone.  So we don’t turn anyone away.  No matter what you’ve done or how many times you’ve done it, if you are ready for a clean start, you’ll find it at Miami Vineyard.

Always looking for one more

Everything we do is done mindfully of those who aren’t here yet.  Our words, actions, and expressions of faith are displayed or explained in a way that is inviting and inclusive of all who are searching for Jesus and taking next steps on their spiritual journeys.

Crazy generous

We can’t follow God’s example of love without giving sacrificially.  So we generously give our time, our talents, and our treasure to the mission of loving all people into a growing relationship with Jesus, believing that the more we give, the more we shine the light of God’s love to the world.

Fun loving

Laughter is a life-giving gift from God that we want to enjoy whenever we get together.  So we infuse fun in everything we do.