2021 Easter Offering 

A portion of our Easter offering helping to eliminate medical debt in our community. 

This year we are dedicating a portion of our Easter offering to eliminating medical debt for those living in our local community through a partnership with a national organization called RIP Medical Debt.

Medical debt destroys the financial stability of our most vulnerable communities: the sick, the elderly, the poor, and veterans. It also targets many in the the middle class, driving many families who are barely getting along into poverty. Medical debt isn’t the result of bad decisions. It’s often a debt of necessity. RIP Medical Debt gives us a vehicle to help. 


Video explaining RIP Medical Debt and it’s impact.

How it works

Through RIP Medical Debt every $100 we give eradicates $10,000 in medical debt!

RIP Medical Debt buys the debt at a steep discount, then forgives it. Together through their partnerships they have forgiven almost $4 billion in medical debt that has effected over 2 million families.

Learn more at RIPMedicalDebt.org

By forgiving this debt, our hope is to give struggling individuals, and their families, a second chance at a fresh start – one of our core values. We hope to give those affected the ability to seek the continued medical care they need and help them back towards financial stability. Not only that, once the debt is forgiven, each home will get a notice that their debt has been forgiven! How cool is this?


We’re so excited to find new ways to see lives changed! Will you partner with us in this effort? 

Simply text Miami Vineyard to 77977 or give online whatever amount you are able. We’re excited to dedicate a portion of our Easter offering to eliminating medical debt in our community.

Thank you for investing in changed lives.