Imaginarium Labs

A 4-day end of Summer bash for kids K-5th grade.

Imaginarium Labs is looking for kids interested in becoming Imagineers and discover that Jesus can do the impossible! Do your kids have what it takes to be a part of this top-secret lab? 

What is imagirium Labs?

Imaginarium Labs is a 4-day End-of-Summer Bash where Imagineers will have a diverse schedule of activities including worship, drama/theater, Bible teachings, messy experiments, and fun games.


Each day will have a topic that helps equip Imagineers to transition into school. Topics include: dealing with anxiety, having fear and doubt, handling emotions, and being a good friend. 

Who can participate?

There are multiple ways to participate: 

Imagineers (kids) must be in Kindergarten through 5th grade in 2021-2022 school year. There is limited spots available, don’t lose your spot! 

Are you too old to be an Imagineer? No problem! In order for us to make this experience unforgettable for the Imagineers, we need your help. Become an Expert! We are looking for Experts in Production, Games, Bible Stories, Safety, Experiments, Decor, and more. Experts must be in 6th grade and above. 

Details for Imaginarium Labs

Where are Imaginarium Labs?

Are your kids tired of virtual events? Ready for some structure before school starts? Miami Vineyard will transform into a completely new experience for Imagineers as they travel the facility. 

*Disclaimer: There will be fog, lighting special effects, and loud sounds. 


When is Imaginarium Labs?*

Dates: August 10th to 13th 

Times: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm 

Registration ends August 1st 


August 14th there will be an ending celebration during service where parents and families are invited to join us. 


Is there a registration fee?

There is a $15 registration fee that includes supplies for all 4 days, a t-shirt, and an unforgettable experience. 


What safety precautions will we be taking?

We are glad you asked:

-While in Imaginarium Labs staff, volunteers, and kids will be required to wear masks. 

-We are limiting spots available. 

-Food and snacks will not be provided to ensure a safe environment.