Youth and Young Adults Pastor/Director

Job Type: Next Gen Young Adults Youth
Hours: Exempt Full-Time
PURPOSE: Lead and guide the Youth & Young Adult Ministry team, encompassing volunteers and staff, in fostering discipleship, evangelism, and relevant programming for youth and young adults. This role involves pastoral care for students passionate about deepening their relationship with Jesus.
Title:      Youth and Youth Adults Pastor/Director
Status:   Exempt/Full-time
Salary:    Compensation based on education and experience
Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Demonstrates a vital Christian Walk
  2. Possesses deep spiritual maturity and extensive biblical knowledge
  3. Called to youth ministry with skills in pastoral and teaching roles
  4. Required spiritual gifts include leadership and teaching
  5. Preferred spiritual gifts include administration and outreach
Educational and Professional:
  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred or graduate of a two-year ministry program
  2. Proven track record in effectively leading youth programs with 100+ participants
  3. Capable of independently designing and executing innovative programs
  4. Strong interpersonal skills are essential
Leadership and Mission:
  • Recruit, train, and empower interns focused on youth and young adult ministry.
  • Collaborate with interns and staff to develop and implement strategies that align with the Miami Vineyard’s vision.
  • Communicate strategies and programs effectively to volunteers, students, and parents.
  • Lead the youth ministry team in alignment with church objectives, ensuring cohesive program execution.
Program Development and Execution:
  • Set annual ministry goals; participate in continuous team development activities.
  • Lead the planning and execution of the Miami Vineyard Student outreach initiatives.
Administration and Communication:
  • Ensure clear communication of ministry aspects to volunteers, students, parents, and the church community.
  • Maintain and develop teams for weekend worship, teaching, special events, and student leadership training.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Pastor on budget management and ministry planning.
  • Ensure alignment of ministry goals with the overall vision and objectives of Miami Vineyard.
Teaching and Mentorship:
  • Regularly teach and facilitate sessions at ministry gatherings, developing a teaching team.
  • Recruit and mentor high school volunteers and student leaders.
  • Provide resources and support to the volunteer team.
  • Engage in local, regional, and national training programs for professional development.
Pastoral Care:
  • Offer pastoral care and discipleship to staff, volunteers, students, and their families.
  • Serve on the church’s preaching team as needed.
  • Perform ministerial duties such as follow-up, visitation, assimilation, and counseling.

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